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The present population of India is over 1 million. The 2nd largest populate country next to China. But the Christians account for only just 2 percent of the total population. They are many other religious groups in the country, the HINDUS are in majority, who are all idol worshippers, worshipping, snakes, animals, and even trees. The majority of Christians are very poor and eking their livelihood by doing hard labor, they could not even provide two square meals to their family members, they are half naked.

Taking this situation in view, we thought it fit to spread the word of Lord in the remotest tribal areas, and trained well educated young men, and appointed them as Assistant Pastors. We could be able to support each pastor with a Bicycle, a Drum, and some Christian literature. They are touring in their respective areas, preaching the word of Lord, and bringing the believers into His Fold. At present 36 team Pastors are shepherding there own congregations., Now 102 in the CPH harvest.

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