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The “CHRISTIAN PRAYER HOUSE MINISTRIES” Organization (Trust) is so blessed to the above promise call of God, since it was started in the year 1979 by Pastor J.George Papaf and his wife Mary, according to the will of God.

The Founder Director of CHRISTIAN PRAYER HOUSE MINISTRIES–INDIA (CPH) is SENIOR PASTOR GEORGE PAPAF JALLI. He was 1st born in Evangelistic parents and knew the truth and word of God even at his young age. He had a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ through the help of the Holy Spirit. In the beginning when his parents suffering lake of children they had an opportunity to attend a Pentecostal crusade in Eluru city in the local region where the man of God and Evangelist George Papaf was invited from Germany country . , on the final day crusade that the crusade speaker /Evangelist Papaf given an alter call and specially announced to come forward those are suffering lake of children. Immediately Papaf’s parents standing on the queue and met the Evangelist, then he particularly laid his hands up on them prayed with burning burden for a child in Jesus name and also he prophesized that “you will get a male child in the next year”. With a strong hope and faith in Jesus they back to home., miraculously they got the gift of male child in the next year. Praise the Lord.

So they named the Evangelist’s name as GEORGE PAPAF., and also they dedicated Papaf to do the Lord’s work.

The “CHRISTIAN PRAYER HOUSE MINISTRIES” (organization) is located in the District of East Godavary in Anahdra Pradesh State –India.

Kindly Pray for Rev. J. George Papaf and Mrs. Mary G. Papaf Founders and directors C.P.H Ministries - India.

Contact: info@cphministries.com, cphprayer@gmail.com


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