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The “CHRISTIAN PRAYER HOUSE MINISTRIES” TRUST is so  blessed to the above promise call of God, since it was started in the year 1979 by Pastor J.George Papaf and his wife Mary, according to the will of God.

Geographically the region of AMBAJIPETA was separated from the main land and cut off because the India’s major river Godavari crossed over.,.and our back portion of the land is very adjacent to the major ocean of Bay of Bengal. The inhabitants are heathen people and worshipping the idols and natural objects, since their forefathers and they are so far to the Gospel light. In these unfavorable circumstances, Lord has said to build His Holy Body. In the beginning years, I have been disappointed about the anti-conditions. Because the cry and call is resounding here from the side of Jordon river, according to Baptist John that is for repentance. “Oh generation of the Vipers”. The same conditions and anti Gospel elements have caused me for discouragement., even nowadays too. But Lord has strengthened that “Don’t fear my little flock as my Father’s pleasure, I have been chosen you”. Praise the Lord.

*Really God has changed the impossible conditions to possible and myself and our 36 united workers (team pastors) were been allowed to plant 52 churches and the congregations are strengthening day to day, by the God’s Grace. In keeping the commandment of God, we the united and faith based independent workers are affording our hard labor for the conversion of the souls, who are living and dying as Christ-less. To bring these perishing souls from the opposite camp to Christ side, we are doing house visiting and Bible study, street preaching, Bible seminars, Youth evangelism, Gospel crusades, healing and fasted prayers and counseling the souls with the word of God for their repentance and conversion. Please pray about our services.

These entire Evangelical and charitable services are faith based and rendering by the will of God. Our congregations believers are belong to uttermost poverty and whose load is heavy to carry. These converts could not offer anything to the church, but surrounded their lives to the faith of Jesus. By the Grace of God, you are having the good evangelical possibilities. Due to lack of support from any ministry, we are unable to extend our evangelical service but faithfully praying to God to rise up His people to support and share the local Gospel burden to His Glory. In our evangelical experience one person to another person, one group to another group and one village to another village, we are identifying the neglected old-aged people and poor & parentless orphans, who are depended upon our Churches. In our poor living conditions, we could not do justice to them, but sincerely praying to God to show them the loving helping and praying hands. Kindly do your valuable prayers for our ministerial needs at “CHRISTIAN PRAYER HOUSE MINISTRIES & ORPHAN CHILDREN HOME,” which is the part of His Holy Body. Miraculously evangelizing village after village reaching the neglected Hindu heathen communities, religious leaders and the community elders are also changing there lives.

* By the Grace of God we had an opportunity to rise & care a shelter for destitute children, especially these precious are from deferent disasters like Tsunami, cyclones and floods. Now we are feeding 60 children.

* By Grace of God ,The sewing Training Center is proposed for unwed-mothers and widows that who are Vacant and spoiling their precious time due to lack of any employment. To train there women in tailoring training and make them as results oriented and income generated. By learning this, these unemployed women can be earn themselves, gives help to the family, community and church, by their earning profession. The most concept of this free tailoring School is standing for the older girls of our orphanage and strengthening gratefully. Now we have second academic batch is running.

* Also we are gathered leper believers and keeping them separately in a colony we call them as Lazarus project., 25 leper patients are staying now and growing in the care of Jesus love.

I and my wife Mary prayerfully requesting you to support and encourage our independent services of God. We believe that Lord would be speaking with you to show your seed in our ministry that can be yield in to “thirty, sixty and hundred” folds. Kindly consider our humble request and joint your blessed hands with us, by sharing of our Gospel services. We also were requesting to visit our group of congregations to find about our hard labor, for Christ Gospel. Your valuable partnership, spiritual encouragement and practical support would be meaning a lot of help to us in extending the kingdom of God, in these last days. We pray and believe that Lord may move your soul to support our Church ministries.

Jesus said "My house shall be called as a HOUSE OF PRAYER" Mathew 21:13.

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